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How To Buy Pubg Clothes

Player unknown battleground pubg allows you to customize a wide variety of clothing that can be collected in different ways. If you think that changing clothes and customizing your player affect your game, then you are wrong, it is purely cosmetic. If you customize backpacks, then it will affect your game as the backpacks can increase the capacity with each customization. The players who want their characters to look stylish, then there are different ways to get clothes on pubg. You can purchase clothes with your battleground points in pubg, and also you can purchase through the Steam marketplace, or sometimes it can be randomly found in pioneer crates.

how to buy pubg clothes

Signing into the game each day will net you some good rewards in PUBG Mobile. Often, it will give you BP which you can use to buy clothes from the supplies section of the store. Whilst it also sometimes offers crates, which can be opened instantly to receive some free clothes.

PUBG Mobile has arrived on Android and iOS, and players may have a few questions about how the game's main features work. In this quick guide, we'll outline the basics for getting and changing clothes, changing your Display Name and using voice chat.

how to get pubg skins & clothingthere are basically three ways to get your hands on clothes, equipment or a new pair of trousers in battlegrounds. they are:the steam market: if you want to buy items like clothing or other pieces of fashionwear from the get-go, you will probably have to head to the steam market. here, you can buy whatever your heart desires. gasmasks and leather if you're the steampunky kind of player or just a really nice, friendly jumper if you plan on blending in with the crates: clothes and accessories can also be found randomly in pioneer crates that are purchased with battleground coins. these contain a random item, but you can better your odds for getting rare items by purchasing more expensive crates.scavenging:yes. rip that sweet tie from the bullet-punctured guy's chest and put it on yourself. he's not going to be using it anymore, so why not.dpsvip store: of course you can buy and see pubg skins & clothing in which is the most reliable online store to offer various pubg skins & items online. don't forget to use the coupon code "pubg" enjoy 3% discount.

You will be able to find many legendary and mystical clothes through the chests provided in the game. Premium chests, classic chests and the newly added Battlegrounds Lucky Crate offer tons of amazing outfits that differ from the free outfits provided in the game. 041b061a72


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