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Silent Hunter 3 Crack 1.4 B |TOP|

The game itself works, but some care must be taken during instalaltion in order to get it working correctly. Note and disclaimer: This has been tested only with Silent Hunter 3 - EMEA DVD edition - version 1.4b. Please contact me for your success regarding the US or the downlaod editions of this game. First step: Install the game. This is easy: push the DVD in and run "wine setup.exe". Install all the options including Directx9 video codecs and Acrobat Reader 7 (this one might be left out if you have space concerns). Installation will run swiftly and complete in a few minutes with no assle. I suggest not to install the GameShadow crap since you will not need it. Run wineboot to reboot windows, but DO NOT RUN THE GAME YET! Second step: Patch the game to 1.4b Go to the Ubisoft Silent Hunter 3 homepage (see link in game description) and download the right patch for you. I have tested only the EMEA DVD 1.4b patch. The download is about 20MB and could take a while, but once you have it simply unzip and run it with wine. The patch will locate your installation and patch it to the latest (1.4b) version. Run wineboot to reboot windows, but DO NOT RUN THE GAME YET!! Third step: apply a NO-CD crack to the game No, i am not suggesting to illegally play this game, nor i am suggesting to pursue any illegal or unethic behaviour. If this step is illegal in your country or if you believe it to be unethical, please stop here and forget about running Silent Hunter 3 under wine. Unfortunately, Ubisoft has choosen a copy protection mechanism for their game that is NOT supported by wine at the moment. So, even if you own an original version of the game you must find, download and apply a NO-CD (or better NO-DVD in this case) patch. I am not giving you any direct link to any potential illegal stuff, unzip it and put all the enclosed files (some dlls and one exe) on the game directory replacing the original provided ones. I strongly suggest backing up the existing one first. Run wineboot to reboot windows, but DO NOT RUN THE GAME YET!! Last step: Now run the game! Either run wine sh3.exe from the game directory or use the Start Menu shortcut, the loading screen might take some time, then the menu page will show up and... Good Luck!

silent hunter 3 crack 1.4 b



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