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[NEW] Bct Player 0.5.2 Download PORTABLE

Hybrid Analysis requires that users undergo the Hybrid Analysis Vetting Process prior to obtaining an API key or downloading malware samples. Please note that you must abide by the Hybrid Analysis Terms and Conditions and only use these samples for research purposes. You are not permitted to share your user credentials or API key with anyone else. Please notify Hybrid Analysis immediately if you believe that your API key or user credentials have been compromised.

[NEW] Bct Player 0.5.2 Download


Well, I like to play Flash based games. I always used to download the .swf files and everything was alright. But today, I downloaded a game that came in a .bct extension, and also came with a file called "Bct.Player.0.5.exe". This file is supposed to play the game, but my Avast Antivirus keeps telling me it has 2 viruses called "Win32:Malware Gen" and "IDP.Generic,fa6fe1136ae3.3.2"... I'm too afraid to actually open the file. I'm not sure if this is the right place to be publishing this, but it is the one I found the most appropriate. So, I'd like to know what are .bct files (I searched for them and found they are actually associated with Adobe products) and how to play them, if it is possible and I'm not just getting scammed.

If you're downloading executables from torrents, you should be doubly careful. I'd definitely trust your Antivirus, and there are online services like VirusTotal that will scan an executable against a large body of antivirus tools for free.

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1. Apparently you downloaded only part of the archive. Download all parts and unpack by clicking on the first part 2. Check the size of the downloaded archive. Perhaps the archive was not fully downloaded


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