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Astronomy For Dummies Pdf [TOP] Free 33

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Astronomy For Dummies Pdf Free 33

When it comes to getting free college textbooks from before the 21st century, Cite Seer X is the website for you. With a wide array of books written before 2000 and created by Penn University, Cite Seer X offers a portal to the past and ensures you have a blast looking for the books you need. Cite Seer X also offers citations for the content you use; a handy tool.

As the name suggests, Digital Book Index offers links to hundreds of thousands of digital books for all subject areas. These subject areas range from Math to Sciences to Medicine to Religion to Law to Philosophy and History. At Digital Book Index, you are granted access to thousands of PDF books from authors, publishers, universities, and private websites, all for free.

Free is a website that also offers free college textbooks for students to aid their studies. It offers a catalog of books in all areas of study, with a huge focus on Literature. When you access the website, you get a drop-down menu that organizes all textbooks based on their area of study. Another cool feature is the access to online videos and blogs from skilled experts in various fields of study.

Free Book Spot is another treasure chest for students looking for free college textbooks to download in PDF format. Here, you can search for digital books on topics such as Agriculture, Economy, Astronomy, Sciences, Math, Archaeology, and much more.

What happens when you mix the features of an open digital library and an online publishing house to form one website? The result is an open-for-all hub of writers and publishers known as Freeditorial. You see, at Freeditorial, you get access to download free college textbooks from all spheres of education. Also, these books are available in English and Spanish in an easy-to-access catalog. Writers can also publish their works for the masses to see.

Open Textbook Library is a free online source for college textbooks that was created by the Open Educational Network. It was set up to help improve the quality of higher education as well as increase access to learning tools such as free textbooks. They offer PDFs for subjects such as Arts, Mathematics, Social Sciences, History, Media arts, Journalism, and many more. These textbooks have been licensed by the authors and made available for your use.

A subsidiary of the Open Educational Resources, OER Commons is a digital platform for you to explore thousands of useful digital books. With a variety of subjects available for you, the platform offers you access to educators and their works, all to help improve your educational prowess. The advanced search feature of the website makes it easy to search for the free college textbooks you need quickly and accurately.

Founded in 2006, Open Culture is a website that offers an immense amount of resources with textbooks offering every form of knowledge available. The site is most popular for its provision of materials centered on cultural and educational media content. The site is home to thousands of free college textbooks and you can bump up your learning with audiobooks if you wish. The website is easily accessible and the contents are of top quality and free too.

A dream come true for students of the Humanities department. Project Gutenberg is a project that offers an increase in the distribution of useful resources, especially free college textbooks. Humanities students will love this site because of its extensive library of large fictional and cultural resources. The textbooks are easy to search for and downloading them is no fuss at all.

PDF Grab is another website that grants you access to free college textbooks in the form of e-books or PDFs, depending on your visual preference. The search feature of the website allows you to search using either the title of the book or ISBN. With PDF Grab, you get access to digital books of different categories including Business, Law, Medicine, and so on.

There are classical books that help your research, and then there are the new, modern textbooks that offer a different perspective to your learning scheme. PDF Drive is just the website you need to discover these textbooks and download them for free. Browse through their catalog and discover the most sought-after textbooks.

Just like the name suggests, PDF Magazine is host to thousands of magazines that can be viewed and downloaded in PDF format. The large library of this website contains half a million resources and is a good place to source the free college textbooks you need. A great feature of this website is the availability of textbooks in 40 different languages, making it easy to access globally.

A few of the free textbook websites on this list have their roots in universities, and this is no different. Created and maintained by Grand Valley State University, ScholarWorks offers a wide range of free college textbooks for students and aims to improve learning at a higher level. This is achieved through the easily accessible digital books written and published by scholars.

Sci-Hub is for students in the science field looking for free college textbooks specific to their area of study. Regardless of its specificity, the website has a lot of great content and features digital books, journals, and research papers. The site also houses files that are hard to find and makes it easier to access a lot of science-related textbooks.

Pliny the Elder, who died during the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 A.D., wrote a long account in 37 books of everything that the Romans knew about the world around them - in the words of his nephew Pliny the Younger, "a comprehensive and learned work, covering as wide a field as Nature herself&quot. The 'Natural History' has been translated into English by H.Rackham, W.H.S.Jones and D.E.Eichholz in their Loeb edition. Books 2-8 and 33-37 are available on this website; for the other books, there are links below to the copies on the internet archive. The following table contains links to the individual books in the translation. Preface Addressed to Titus. Book 1 List of contents for books 2-37. Book 2 1-101 Book 2 102-175 Book 2 176-248 Cosmology, astronomy, meteorology, geography, geology. Book 3 1-75 Book 3 76-152 Southern Spain; Southern Gaul; Italy; the Western Mediterranean and Ionian and Adriatic Islands: the countries round the north of the Adriatic. Book 4 1-61 Book 4 62-122 Greece and the rest of the Balkan Peninsula; the islands of the Eastern Mediterranean; the Black Sea and the countries west of it; Northern Europe. Book 5 1-74 Book 5 75-151 North Africa: the Eastern Mediterranean and Asia Minor. Book 6 1-70 Book 6 71-141 Book 6 142-220 Countries from the Black Sea to India; Persia; Arabia; Ethiopia and the Nile valley. Book 7 1-76 Book 7 77-152 Book 7 153-215 The human race - its biology, physiology and psychology. Book 8 1-111 Book 8 112-229 Various mammals, wild and domesticated ; including snakes, crocodiles and lizards. Book 9 Aquatic species, including Nereids, Tritons and the sea-serpent. There are considerable passages on their economic aspects - the use of fish as food, pearls, dyes obtained from fish, and on their physiology, sensory and reproductive. Book 10 Ornithology : hawks trained for fowling ; birds of evil omen ; domestication of birds for food ; talking birds ; reproduction. Appendix on other viviparous species, passing on to animals in general - their methods of reproduction, senses, nutrition, friendship and hostility between different species, sleep. Book 11 Insects, their physiology and habits - especially bees, silk-worms, spiders. Classification of animals by varieties of bodily structure - animal and human physiology. Book 12 Trees - their various qualities. Book 13 Foreign trees and their use in supplying scent, fruit, paper and wood. Book 14 Vine-growing and varieties of wine. Book 15 Olives, olive-oil and fruit-trees. Book 16 Forest trees, their nature and varieties ; their value for timber and other commodities. Longevity of trees. Parasitic plants. Book 17 Arboriculture (continued). Book 18 Cereal agriculture. Book 19 Cultivation of flax and other plants used for fabrics; vegetable gardening. Book 20 Garden plants - mostly vegetables. Book 21 Flowers. Book 22 Miscellaneous plants, including dye plants. Book 23 Medicinal properties of wine, vinegar, oil, nuts, fruit. Book 24 Medicinal properties of trees and herbs. Book 25 Medicinal properties of herbs. Book 26 New diseases; major medicinal herbs. Book 27 Minor medicinal herbs, in roughly alphabetical order. Book 28 Medicinal uses of the human body's own products; charms; animal products. Book 29 Medicinal uses of animal products (continued). Book 30 Medicinal uses of animal products (continued); magic arts. Book 31 Water; sea; water creatures; different kinds of water, poisonous waters; prospecting for water; wells and pipes; hot springs; salt, soda, and sponges. Book 32 Sea animals; goby, sting-ray, coral, tortoise, oysters; medical uses of oysters, leeches. Book 33 1-94 Book 33 95-164 Gold, silver and mercury; man's greed and exploitation of the earth's resources; weapons ; history of coinage; physical properties of gold; sources of gold, mining techniques; gold statues; refining; medical use of metals; cinnabar; touchstone; mirrors; changing prices. Book 34 1-93 Book 34 94-178 History of bronze working; bronze statues; Greek and Roman styles of sculpture; famous statues; the Colossus of Rhodes; famous Greek sculptors; copper, copper slag and copper compounds used in medicine; iron-ores and smelting; lode-stone, lead, tin; medical use of lead. Book 35 1-100 Book 35 101-202 Portraiture; history of painting; the painter's palette; white and black pigments; eminent artists, including Apollodorus, Zeuxis, Parrhasius, Apelles, Aristides and Protogenes; modelling; use of clay; brick-making; sulphur, bitumen, alum, kaolin and chalk. Book 36 1-100 Book 36 101-204 Marble; marble statues; sculptors; obelisks and pyramids; the buildings of Rome; some other stones. Book 37 1-106 Book 37 107-205 Precious stones; the world's most expensive products. Introductions Volume 1; Volume 6 (diseases, remedies and botany); Volume 6 (note on the Magi); Volume 7 (some difficult words in Pliny); Volume 8 (popular medicine in ancient Italy). Indexes Geographical index; Plants; Diseases; Artists; Minerals. Attalus' home page


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