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UAD Vocal Sauce: A Powerful Vocal Chain Preset for UAD Plugins

If you are looking for a vocal chain preset that can give your vocals a warm, rich, and professional sound, you might want to check out the UAD Vocal Sauce by Whole Loops. This preset is designed to simplify the power of an entire mixing template into a simple 8-knob user interface that is compatible with all DAWs. It uses some of the best vocal plugins from the UAD catalog, such as the Cambridge EQ, the EMT 250 Plate Reverb, the Manley VoxBox, and more. You can also use the included 2nd preset that is made of 100% stock UAD plugins only, such as the Precision Channel, the 1176 LN Legacy, and the RealVerb Pro.

Download File:

The UAD Vocal Sauce is suitable for various genres and styles of vocals, such as pop, hip-hop, R&B, EDM, rock, and more. It can help you achieve a polished and balanced vocal sound with minimal tweaking. You can adjust the parameters such as the input gain, the compression, the EQ, the reverb, the delay, the width, the distortion, and the output gain to suit your taste and preference. You can also bypass any of the plugins in the chain if you don't need them or want to use your own plugins instead.

The UAD Vocal Sauce is not only a vocal chain preset, but also a learning tool that can help you understand how to use UAD plugins effectively and creatively. You can study how each plugin is set up and how they interact with each other to create a cohesive vocal sound. You can also experiment with different combinations and settings to discover new possibilities and sounds.

If you are interested in getting the UAD Vocal Sauce, you can purchase it from the Whole Loops website for $14.99 (regular price $29.99). You can also get other UAD presets from Whole Loops, such as the UAD Master Sauce and the UAD Guitar Sauce, which are designed to enhance your mastering and guitar tracks respectively.

The UAD Vocal Sauce is a great way to spice up your vocals with UAD plugins. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, you can benefit from this preset and take your vocal production to the next level.


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