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best sellers of 2014: in a poll of the four major publishers that represented nearly three million books sold in the u.s., the only book that topped the list of the top 10 bestselling books of 2014 was larry mcmurtry's "old mcdonald had a farm." of the other 9 books on the list, 8 are best sellers of 2014. the only non-best seller was bob herbert's "unfair to marge: how the liberal media corrupted an election and created a monster."

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and the bestseller is: if you work in a field where you deal with people, you don't want to be a jerk. you don't want to be a jerk. there are lots of different ways to be a jerk. but being a jerk at work, that's one of the easiest ones to be a jerk at work. you know, it's that, i guess, that what you're trying to say is you want to be liked? you're trying to be liked? that's a fairly poor strategy, in my opinion. the manager or the employee who wants to be liked just wants to go, "i'm nice." but the most successful people are nice.

that's why that book just comes out, because you have seen that the story of many people is just like that: you are nice. and then, they are not nice. they just, it's kind ofthey just know like, "well, i would like to be liked." and they're like, "but i'm not, like, nice. i know i'm not nice." so they know that they would like to be liked. so they want to be liked.

and you know that that's not true, because you, it takes a lot of time to be nice. and you know that you like being liked. everybody does. and you know, if you never try, that you will never succeed. and so you just have to go, like, "okay, what am i doing today that i'm not doing that i think will help me be more liked?" and you have to do it every single day.


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