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Dirty Politics Full Hd Movie Download

Dirty Politics: A Political Thriller Based on a True Story

Dirty Politics is a 2015 Hindi movie directed by K. C. Bokadia and starring Mallika Sherawat, Om Puri, Naseeruddin Shah, Jackie Shroff, Anupam Kher, and others. The movie is based on the infamous Bhanwari Devi case of an auxiliary nurse from Rajasthan, who was abducted and killed in 2011 after allegedly having an affair with a politician. The movie explores the nexus of power, corruption, sex, and murder in Indian politics.

Plot Summary

The movie begins with the arrest of Manoj Pratap Singh (Jackie Shroff), a powerful politician and the leader of the opposition party in Rajasthan. He is accused of masterminding the kidnapping and murder of Anokhi Devi (Mallika Sherawat), a dancer and an aspiring politician who had a secret relationship with him. The case is handled by CBI officer Sunil Dutt (Anupam Kher), who interrogates Manoj and his associates to find out the truth.

Dirty Politics full hd movie download


The movie then flashes back to the past, where Anokhi Devi is shown as a poor and ambitious woman who wants to make it big in politics. She joins Manoj's party and becomes his loyal supporter. She also seduces him and starts blackmailing him with a sex tape that she secretly recorded. She demands money and a ticket to contest the upcoming elections from his party. Manoj agrees to her demands, but also plots to get rid of her with the help of his brother-in-law Dina Nath (Om Puri), who is also the home minister of Rajasthan.

Anokhi Devi becomes a popular leader among the masses and poses a threat to Manoj's party. She also exposes some of his corrupt deeds in public. Manoj decides to eliminate her before the elections and hires some goons to kidnap and kill her. However, things go wrong when the goons are caught by the police and Anokhi's body is not found. The case becomes a national sensation and attracts media attention. The central government intervenes and assigns CBI to investigate the matter.

The movie then returns to the present, where Sunil Dutt uncovers various clues and evidence that link Manoj, Dina Nath, and their associates to Anokhi's disappearance. He also learns that Anokhi had another lover, Dayal (Naseeruddin Shah), who was a senior journalist and a friend of Manoj. Dayal had helped Anokhi in her political career and had also tried to save her from Manoj's wrath. Sunil Dutt confronts Dayal and accuses him of being involved in Anokhi's murder. Dayal denies any wrongdoing and reveals that he had secretly hidden Anokhi's body in a safe place after she was kidnapped by Manoj's men.

The movie ends with a court scene, where Sunil Dutt presents his findings and exposes Manoj, Dina Nath, and their accomplices as the culprits behind Anokhi's murder. He also produces Anokhi's body as the final proof. The judge sentences them to life imprisonment and praises Sunil Dutt for his honesty and bravery. The movie ends with a message that says "Dirty Politics is not over yet..."


Dirty Politics is a movie that tries to depict the dark side of Indian politics and the plight of women in a patriarchal society. The movie is inspired by a real-life case that shook the nation and exposed the nexus of crime and politics in Rajasthan. However, the movie fails to do justice to the subject matter and ends up being a dull and boring affair.

The movie suffers from poor direction, weak script, bad editing, and mediocre performances. The movie lacks coherence, logic, and realism in its narration. The movie also resorts to cheap sensationalism and vulgarity to attract the audience. The movie has several unnecessary songs, item numbers, and sex scenes that add nothing to the story or the characters. The movie also has many factual errors and inconsistencies that make it hard to believe or relate to.

The only saving grace of the movie is the presence of some veteran actors like Om Puri, Naseeruddin Shah, Jackie Shroff, and Anupam Kher, who try their best to salvage the movie with their acting skills. However, even they cannot overcome the flaws of the movie and end up being wasted in their roles. Mallika Sherawat, who plays the central character of Anokhi Devi, is a huge disappointment. She fails to portray the complexity and depth of her character and comes across as a one-dimensional and annoying character. She also looks too glamorous and artificial for her role of a poor and rustic woman.

Dirty Politics is a movie that could have been a powerful and gripping political thriller, but instead turns out to be a boring and disappointing mess. The movie does not do justice to the real-life case that it is based on and does not convey any meaningful message or insight. The movie is a waste of time and money and should be avoided by the viewers.


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