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the m7a1 is a modular, full-auto, selective-fire, gas-operated, blowback-operated, magazine-fed, semi-automatic, short-recoil operated, five-round, limited-capacity rifle chambered in 5.56mm nato and capable of accepting both conventional and tracer ammunition. it is manufactured by colt and has been in use by the u.s. military since the 1980s. like all modern m14s, the m7a1 features a dual-layer, high-visibility fiberglass-reinforced, laminated, color-coded handguard, a protected gas system, and a 14-inch-long gas cylinder. the m7a1 is based on a dated bolt-action design and requires the use of a buffer spring system to operate properly.

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the m45 chemical-biological mask system was fielded and adopted in 1996 in order to replace the m43 type ii and m24 chemical-biological aircraft masks, as well as to provide a modular mask platform for ussocom ground forces. stemming from one-mask joint branch development experimentation in the early 1990's, the m45 initially sought to replace all masks in service with the u.s. armed forces, but due to logistical and ultimately legal issues, only entered service in the aforementioned roles. the mask itself features a sleek, streamlined facepiece made of silicone rubber with butyl secondary skin and hood, adrinking system with the m1 quick-disconnectdrinking adapter for hydrating in contaminated environments, integral ports to accommodate the m-133/u dynamic or land warrior microphone/positioner, front and side kapton film voice emitters, and close-fitting elliptical eyelenses that are shaped to improve peripheral vision while allowing seamless compatibility with night vision and other optical equipment.


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