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Buy Instant Pot Ip Duo60

Ok. Thanks for prompt reply. Wanted to buy this item. Need your suggestions more to cook best for my kid. Subscribed just now and wanted to follow on FB too. Should click the link above to know how to cook brown rice. Need to watch vedio to cook brown rice in this instant pot.

buy instant pot ip duo60

To obtain warranty service, please contact our Customer Care Department by phone at 1-800-828-7280 or by email to [email protected] You can also create a support ticket online at If we are unable to resolve the problem, you may be asked to send your appliance to the Service Department for quality inspection. Instant Brands is not responsible for shipping costs related to warranty service. When returning your appliance, please include your name, mailing address, email address, phone number, and proof of the original purchase date as well as a description of the problem you are encountering with the appliance.

Thanks for the clear break down of information. I was recommended instant pot by a colleague and came online to research. Obviously making decision for something you have never bought before, can be overwhelming but your blog help me narrow down my choice. I will research more about accessories, as I was curious to know if you can do multi-layer bins in one pot. let me know if you have already explored that.

Not only that, the IP-DUO models have 14 built-in programs, four more than what the IP-LUX models offer. Again, this really makes this instant pressure cooker very useful and a sort of do-it-all appliance. Let us not forget the dual pressure sensor of the IP-DUO wherein the pot has two sensors to monitor internal pressure. This is safer and helps the pot regulate pressure more effectively - this results in more uniform pressure throughout the cooking process.

As you can see, the IP-DUO60 is very impressive and it brings so much to the table that it would probably be very difficult to come up with a better instant pressure cooker but again, Instant Pot never fails to keep pushing the envelope. All of their ENW models are after-all upgrades to their regular non-enw counterparts and with the 2017 release of the Instant Pot Plus 60 better appliances are sure to come for a while yet.

You see, our kitchen is small, and the instant pot ip-duo60 seems really big sitting there on our counter. This is because it takes up a considerable amount of space (to us at least). But the Instant Pot IP-duo60 works for us because it is a multi-cooker (has multiple cooking functions, i.e., slow cooker).

Cooking a whole chicken in less than an hour is impressive, but I was really impressed when we cooked rice and beans in the instant pot duo. We could cook perfect rice in just 12 minutes (we had to experiment a little to get it right).

There seems to be a lot of hype about the instant pot lately. I know you stated this in the post already. I just find it hard to believe that the instant pot is better than the Kuhn Rikon Duromatic. I have a fagor that just died. I love pressure cookers but I can only afford one. Thanks for your reply.

I'm sorry, Bill, but I don't know of one that's worth buying. I got the GoWise 8 quart, but the pressure in the cooker bounces around way too much - from 11 Psi down to 7 psi - spends a lot if its time at what I would call "less than low pressure". It is an OK cooker, but I much prefer the instant pot, even if it is only 6 quarts.

I ordered the new 7 function instantpot last night. I'm so thrilled to start using it. Going to browse your site for recipes. It's exciting to find so much supportive blogs online. Thank you very much for your recipes and advice!

I have 2 Kuhn Rikon pressure cookers. The 5L one I use all the time, but the 8L one I hardly ever use because it is tall and skinny rather than wide. The tall skinny size makes it somewhat impractical plus it takes longer to get up to pressure, so things tend to burn. If I could have a do over, I would spend more for a wider 8L pot. I just got a new instant pot (the DUO direct from Instant pot), and I love it! It has very quickly become my most used kitchen appliance. I can see now why you make almost all your PC recipes in the Instant Pot

Hello, How do I set the instant pot to hours? I have a Instant Pot LP Duo. I can only get it to minutes. The only numbers that light up, are the two middle ones on display. It goes to 120 minutes, but not hours (example: 2:00 hours)Thank you

I'm going to admit it. Our family eats out WAY too much. Ryan was on a health kick at the beginning of this year where he ate nothing but organic and natural foods. He lost a ton of weight and felt healthier. But the TIME that it took to make his food took FOREVER. Our kids' stomachs after school were not cut out for waiting. Call it our generation of instant satisfaction/gratification. 041b061a72


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