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Let’s Improve Education For Black Female Students

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

Do we really need to have this conversation in 2020?

Twelve years ago I would have said "I'm sure that in our communities, girls of color are being encouraged and that their village is creating a self awareness spirit within them that would propel them into greatness." I have the opposite opinion today.

Gina Batie, founder of the Black Girls Are Beautiful Movement, Inc

Too often girls of color particularly African American girls and women are portrayed as difficult, argumentative, trashy, hyper sexual, uneducated. We have not responded in a way that would push back against these negative stereotypes in media. That ends today.....we are putting our own images out and they are images of power and love. We will stay true to ourselves.

Why Should We Care?

It has become widely accepted to treat black girls and other girls of color as though they are less than everyone else.

Check out what happens to women of color at public stores, parks, driving or even sleeping in their own beds at home. We should care because in the year of 2020 people of color are being routinely murdered, whether it's at the hands of a rogue police officer, other people of color or other nationalities and the killers have no consequences. The basic value of our lives is compromised by these negative images that are replayed over and over again. Why do you think that the first thing anyone says when black people are murdered "Well black people kill black people"? They have attached a price tag of $0 on our lives. Instead of asking why aren't the killers of black people being arrested, charged and prosecuted?

Black people want to have good lives. Black people want good educations for their children just like everyone else does. There are some black people who kill but there are some white, Asian, Hispanic, Middle Eastern people who kill too. The difference is that when other races kill, there's an investigation, it's taken seriously, there are trials, someone goes to jail.

Black Girls Are Beautiful Movement, Inc is a catalyst for change.

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