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We are a nonprofit group committed to changing the social and physical trajectory of African American women and other women of color. 

This is an international effort that has been formed to celebrate all physical appearances in all areas of media platforms.

We are "Breaking the Barriers" of negative stereotypes portrayed of women of color in media. We are committed to providing a variety of images of black women in media.

We will reach our goals of changing our social and physical trajectory by saturating media with positive images of black women in magazines and on television, providing networking features through Purple Parties to assist small businesses, saturate all social media platforms with realistic images and a 2 day conference focused on celebrating, healing and business building. 

Our 2 day conference will offer scholarships for high school seniors, a Hollywood style Red Carpet event, fashion and talent extravaganza all with the purpose of uplifting women of color.

We believe all women can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.

Our Mission

  • share our realities and stories with the world

  • uplift black and other women of color in a way that expresses their value, to create an environment of acceptance and pride

  • to encourage inclusion in media by promoting diversified images of women of color in all forms of media

  • to broaden the definition of beauty

  • to promote a higher sense of self esteem, self worth and self awareness

Woman in a Studio
Our Mission

Our Vision

Is to empower our communities through personal development, support and celebrations

We Need Your Support Today!

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