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A Word From the Founder


Gina Batie founder




It is a pleasure to be a part of such an awesome, creative, attractive, intelligent group. God gave me the vision to develop the Black Girls Are Beautiful Movement, Inc because it is a crucial part of the progression of our communities around the world.

We will push and promote positive images and perceptions of women of color in all forms of media. We are loving and attractive.  We are here to "Break the Barriers" of colorisms, ageisms, hairism, sizism etc..

God made us all and He doesn't make mistakes. We are embracing all of who we are. We are celebrating everything about ourselves here and we are letting the world in on it!

 We will emphasize positive relationships that women of color have developed,  we are organizing a 2 day conference to celebrate ourselves and to rejuvenate  our spirit as well as  provide an avenue for entrepreneurs to grow.

By joining our movement you will helping to: 

* support deserving young women with their college educations by providing scholarships

*promote small business growth for minority women 

*be the catalyst for the promotion of positive images of women of varying appearances in media, creating a more inclusive world

* promote the social growth of young girls

*support the physical and mental health of women in our communities  

Peace and blessings Queens,

Gina Batie


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