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Meet the  Board

Gina Batie


Gina is an educator, television producer, artist, author and graphic designer. She has made it her life's mission to improve the lives of women of color around the world. She believes that world and self perception must be positive for African American women to succeed and prosper. 

Patricia Petitt

Vice President

Patricia is an educator who found her passion working with youth 15 years ago. She has acted as the union steward for Houston Federation of Teachers, speaking out for education 


Family is important as she is the mother of 2 young adults.

Vinetta Miles


Vinetta  is a Lead Worker/TWA III, Resource Unit

Texas Health and Human Services Commission

Access and Eligibility Services (AES) She feels that God's purpose is being of service and making a difference in the lives of others.

Nicole Flannory

Advisory Council Leader

Nicole retired from the City of Houston as a Deputy Assistant Director and Certified Public Manager for the State of Texas with 26 years of Public Administration experience. 

Her passion in life is to encourage and inspire others to greatness.  

Zackery Julian


Zackery is the father of 1 son. Whom he cherishes. He has worked for the Houston Independent 

School District for 32 years and has worked as a mentor, educator and administrator. His passion is improving the lives of others in his community.

Meatra Johnson

Head of Emerging Leaders Council

Meatra is the mother of 2 adult sons. She is the CEO of M & B's Eats and Treats. She is fervent about the development of young girls and women.

Markoiya Batie

Young Adult Advisory Leader

Markoiya is a nursing student, who works with small children and has built a successful academic career. She is eager to work with her peers to create a powerful movement.

She works with middle school through college age Queens.

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