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Phone: 713-383-7304

Registered Charity: 84-5072828


Here's your opportunity to volunteer and help to build your Queendom

  • EMPIRE BUILDING - this committee is designed to structure the small business support activities.

  • IMPERIAL HEALTH- this committee supports both mental and physical health for the Queens and for the community at large.

  • SCHOLARSHIP COMMITTEE- this committee will support deserving high school girls by creating the activities that will provide revenue to help them with their college tuition and fees.

  • FUNDRAISING COMMITTEE- this committee will activily research and develop ways to provide revenue flows to the organization.

  • PURPLE PRINCESS COMMITTEE-  this committee assist girls from 4 - 12 years of age with self esteem and self awareness, crafts, cooking, field lessons, etiquette and business building.

  • PALACE OF PUBLIC RELATIONS - this committee will reach out to outside entities to promote the organization.

  • IN-HOUSE QUEENDOM CARE - this committee handles member relations such birthday recognitions, induction ceremonies etc...

We Need Your Support Today!

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